Is Life Assurance for You?

Life insurance is another added expense on your monthly budget. Depending on the policy you're planning to purchase, it can be quite expensive which is probably why most people don't have it. But at the end of the day, it will boil down to why you are buying one.
To know if life assurance is for you, you need to sit it out and then evaluate your life. Do you have a loved one, partner or kids who are depending on you as a main wage earner in the family? What do you think will happen to them financially if you die unexpectedly or otherwise? Will they still be comfortable even without you providing for them? These are questions you need to ask yourself.
As much as you don't want to think about dying yet, it is a must to consider the possibility when you have a family to protect from the financial impact in the event of death. This is also where life assurance plays a role. As a contract or policy where you pay a premium per month, your family can expect to receive benefits like lump sum that will help them financially when you're gone.
Life assurance is for you if you have a family or loved ones who depends on your income. If you want to keep them safe and sound from the possible financial effects of your death, getting a life assurance is a viable option to consider.